Dr. Jeevanjyot Bahia

Identity System for Dr. Jeevanjyot Bahia - Medical clinic
in Delhi, India, as part of the Indianama 2018 project.


Project Background:
Indianama is an inclusive platform that curates and showcases the work of multi-disciplinary artists, across boundaries.
As they say in their webside: "A single vision binds them all - to express India through divergent and unifying ideas that make the country.

Indianama 2018 is looking to inward and starting close to home.
The street is a fascinating place. And for the artist, it is the anvil on which much of his art is forged. India’s streets have been nameless for far too long, and we are here to give them a new identity.
71 artists are coming together to create new identities and design languages for 71 small street side businesses across New Delhi".

About the Vendor

About the Vendor

People of karol bagh know Dr. Jeevanjyot Bahia as the doctor for all seasons. Dr. Jeevanjyot cures people of their ailments tirelessly
from 10am till 11pm.
She does not believe that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and becomes giddy with joy at the sight of anything blue.

My Design Approach

My Design Approach

Dr. Jeevanjyot Bahia visual identity was developed to communicate the ideas of harmony and holistic care as a GP and Family Doctor.
The concept is expressed through rounded arms hugging in the logo, combined with a clean, simple and selective color palette.
The icons are made of geometrical shapes that relate and suggest to the human body in a welcoming and friendly manner with the intention of bringing her brand closer to parents and their children.