Startup Designers meetup talk

Had the great pleasure to talk in front of a 170 crowd in the Startup-Designers meetup where I talked about illustrations in the world of UX.
The theme of the evening was about "The designer's toolkit" and the evening happened in the "Google for startups" offices in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Crafts Museum in New Delhi, India

Crafts Museum in New Delhi, India

Delhi for designers

Delhi for Designers is a personally written article featuring the vibrant, cultural and growing design scene of New Delhi, India.
In the article I mention worth visit design spots that I discovered, while living and working in New Delhi.
The article was published in “Ot-ot-ot”, an online design magazine by the Israeli typography group "AlephAlephAleph" under ‘Overseas Designs’ and on the Wix designers blog ”High on Design”.

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Taiwan Designers week 2016

The project ‘Shelter Experiences’ was showcased during Taiwan Designers’ Week in September 2016.
Thirty-nine Israeli contemporary art designers took part in the event, under the name ‘High Contrast’, in collaboration with Holon Institute of Technology, Israel.
This event brought a precious opportunity for audience from all over the world to learn about the context of modern Israeli culture and design.


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La Culture - Illustration week 2016

La Culture is an exhibition which set out to make art accessible as well as and affordable by providing a public stage for young and promising Israeli artists.
I presented my art at the "Escapism" theme exhibition, during the Illustration week in Tel Aviv, 2016.

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